WEkEO PRIVACY STATEMENT                              


By accepting the terms of this Privacy Statement you acknowledge to have understood that WEkEO, on behalf of the European Union, will collect and process your personal data for the purpose of offering you the most appropriate level of service.


To complete your registration you will be asked to provide personal data (while some fields are compulsory, others remain optional) including your email address, username, first name, surname, your country of origin, the name of the organisation you are registering on behalf of, your sector of work.


In addition to the above mentioned categories of personal data, WEkEO may also collect information on your user activity, including your IP address, data downloaded and time spent on the Service. This data will be used exclusively for traffic analysis, monitoring and service optimisation purposes. In the event that this data needs to be shared with the European Union or any third party, it will undergo adequate anonymization.


Should your personal data change or simply be inaccurate, you can correct or delete your data by editing your account profile at any time. Your personal data will not be retained beyond the termination of your WEkEO account. 


Taking into consideration the high importance attributed to data protection and cybersecurity across the Implementing Partner’s core user community, WEkEO is and will continue to be hosted in the European Union. In the event that the Service is moved to a new operating provider, the principles of data protection and cybersecurity will not be compromised or significantly impacted to the users’ disadvantage. You will be informed in a timely manner of any updates or changes to the privacy terms governing WEkEO.

If you have a concern or complaint about the way your personal data has been or is being processed, please send an email to Support@wekeo.eu.